Gustavo “Gus” Cabrera was born and raised in Miami-Dade County.  At an early age, Gus engaged in gang activity that eventually led to selling drugs and abusing alcohol. At the age of 20, Gus' long-time childhood friend and mentor was innocently gunned down as a victim of an armed robbery. After that tragic loss, Gus' life spiraled out of control. His life had reached rock bottom as he was sitting in a federal cell facing 55 years to conspiracy to murder, when God stepped in and changed the direction of his life forever. 


Since then Gus met Jesus and has been devoted to preaching the message of Jesus Christ tirelessly to every people group. He is on a relentless pursuit to see a whole generation turn to God. Gus believes in living for the moment, meaning that in every moment is an opportunity to impact and inspire a life. His vision is not to look for the next big event but to look at the moment that is set before us. Time is of the essence and he uses his time to impact and shape culture, moment by moment, person by person, and place by place. 

Gus is determined to see the nations lifting the name of Jesus high. He is the founder and visionary behind the More Than Words Conference and More Than Words Ministries. A movement that is reaching thousands nationwide. God has gifted him with the ability to communicate the word of God in a powerful way, and he has a passion to travel and to reach this generation with the power of the Gospel. His story is relevant and relatable to many. Because he experienced Jesus not in his perfection, but in his mess, and that’s the message of Hope Gus brings. 



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